Week 1 – Day 1

Alright, today is the first day of getting back into shape!  I should start

off with one of my goals of these workouts.  These first three to four weeks will be focused on general fitness.  It is important to get your body to a basic level of fitness before you go crazy with workouts.  After I get done with the general fitness phase these workouts will start to become a little more specific.  The specific workouts will get me ready to compete in several sprint races this winter at several indoor track and field meets.  So, if you are following along with this workout beyond the gen. fitness stage you will see a lot of the workouts emphasizing speed, agility, and strength.


Now, todays workout will be a fast pace circuit.  The goal for this circuit will be to take very little rest between activities to help keep your heart pumping at a high rate.

The warm up phase should get you to have a good sweat and loosen up your body to prepare you for the workout you will be doing.  So, work on the muscles you will be using during the day.  Static stretching will not be done until you are done with the workout.  All the excercises listed below are dynamic stretches.
Run for 6-8 minutes
Skipping Arm Circles (40 yards)
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Side Shuffle
Carioca with High Knee
Straight Leg Bounding
Frankenstein Kicks
Flower Pickers
Knee Hugs
A Skips
Fast Leg Cycle

Workout – Circuit
2 Laps
20 Mountain Climbers
10 Normal Push Ups
25 Calf Raises

2 Laps
15 Fire Hydrants (15 Each Side)
8-10 Tuck Jumps
10 Wide Grip Push Ups

2 Laps
10 Close Grip Push Ups
20 Crunches
20-30 Sec Squat Hold

Rest 5-8 Minutes (Walk, get water, just do not sit down)
Repeat Circuit

10 prone elbow leg lifts (Belly facing down with forearms and toes supporting your weight)
15 Supine Hip Thrusts (“Soup” is always served up.  Belly button to the sky and weight is being supported by your shoulders/traps and heels.)
15 crunches
15 Side crunches (15 each side)
10 Toe Touches (Crunch position with legs in the air)
20 Russian Twists (Crunch position back and feet off the ground. Touch the ground by your hips)

Bike/Treadmill – 10 – 15 minutes (Nice and Easy)
Static stretch as needed.


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